Kathy's Story

Kathy was diagnosed over the Memorial Day Weekend in 2023 with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. While there is no cure for this disease it is very treatable. Kathy has undergone multiple radiation and chemotherapy treatments. After twelve weeks she's had a great response to the treatment and is now only getting immunotherapy infusions every three weeks.

Kathy is a fighter, and her great attitude has been instrumental to her positive results. By supporting our local cancer centers and education Kathy feels this turns a difficult situation into something very positive.

The opportunity to revamp this race came at the right time as the committee for the Rose Run decided to step away. Kathy has gotten incredible care at the Bronson Cancer Center along with the West Michigan Cancer Center. Kathy would like to provide support for the work these organizations do by using the money raised during the race to support their efforts. In addition, Kathy desires to start a scholarship for graduating Gull Lake High School seniors wishing to enter nursing school.

Thank you for reading her story. Please pass the word along about this exciting new event, Kathy's Run for Cancer on the 4th of July 2024.

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